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At CLH General Freight we offer a number of specialist haulage services to ensure your load is transported in the safest possible way. Rather than offering a shared load and time service, we allocate one job, per day, per customer, so you’re important goods are not loaded with any of our other clients’ loads and you have our undivided attention for the whole duration.
We have years of experience in all aspects of exhibition and events industries and offer not only day time, but night time and weekend installs and de-rigs.

Moffett Mounted Truck:
Self-loading and unloading via moffett, loading on flat or curtain side vehicles. If you don’t have accesses to a forklift, our trucks come with one available to help with loading or unloading your goods. The moffett’s have 6ft tynes for large items, scissor tynes for loading and unloading in tight access areas and they have sliding hydraulic operated tynes so it is easy to load and unload various sized pallets as well as fork extensions if required.

  • Ideal for restricted access.
  • Saving money on plant hire fees.
  • Saving money on man hours and operator fees.

HIAB Crane Truck:
Our HIAB trucks are an ideal way to transport and manoeuvre your goods into place. From moving containers, cabins, boats, machinery and fragile items, to site cranage e.g. transporting and erecting steel buildings.

  • Lifting goods into elevated areas.
  • Dropping goods into low or subterranean areas.
  • Lifting goods over obstacles e.g. fences, walls and site debris.

Low Loader Truck:
Our low loader section has serviced several customers for over 10 years, including wide loads, exhibition haulage, event haulage, shop fitting deliveries. With use of the moffett’s to aid delivery this reduces double or extra man handling, this takes the stress from you and keeping costs down. We also offer escort vehicles and the organisation of movement orders and a S.T.G.O service to accommodate for heavy loads.

  • Able to move heavy plant and other large machinery, e.g. farming equipment.
  • We can move loads with extensive height without having to worry about restrictions such as motorway bridges.

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